COMELIT SecurHub radio alarm system - radio control center 32 zones
COMELIT SecurHub radio alarm system - radio control center 32 zones
COMELIT SecurHub radio alarm system - radio control center 32 zones

COMELIT SecurHub radio alarm system - radio control center 32 zones

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  • 1299-HUB32LCD
COMELIT SecurHub wireless alarm system - wireless control panel 32 zones Secur HUB is the... more
Product information "COMELIT SecurHub radio alarm system - radio control center 32 zones"

COMELIT SecurHub wireless alarm system - wireless control panel 32 zones

Secur HUB is the wireless alarm system natively connected to Comelit Cloud, which includes both WLAN and LAN connectivity. For maximum redundancy of communication, you can expand optional GSM modules (2G and 3G), which are also connected to the cloud. Designed for quick installation using the modern techniques of the IoT world, the system does not require access to ports on the router, not even for the app: i.e. for both system management and for viewing the connected cameras. Easy installation, continuous protection and ergonomics are the values that Secur HUB puts at the service of human and environmental safety.

The Secur HUB control panel (p/n HUB32LCD) allows monitoring of up to of up to 32 wireless zones. The total number of zones can be increased up to 96 if the Additional inputs of the magnetic contacts are used. HUB32LCD offers integrated WLAN and LAN interfaces, optional 2G and 3G modules, programming via USB, LAN and cloud. Secur Hub can manage up to 32 different subscribers and 32 bidirectional radio controls. The control panel is supplied with two Two brackets: one flush with the wall and the other raised raised bracket that allows cable entry from the side. An optional tabletop bracket extends positioning flexibility. HUB32LCD is equipped with a backlit Capsense keyboard which can be switched off completely when the system is not in use switched off when the system is idle. An integrated loudspeaker and microphone allow bidirectional audio bi-directional audio communication between a telephone and the monitored environments. Two outputs and two wired inputs are integrated and available directly on the grab handle.

Wireless features

  • Wireless technology: Bidirectional - BeaconPlus
  • Frequency band: 868 MHz
  • Max. Radio transmission range in free area: 1500m
  • Max. Number of wireless zones 32:
  • Wireless outputs: 32
  • Max. Number of wireless controls: 32
  • Sensor monitoring: Yes, adjustable

Technical features of the system

  • Subscriber codes: 32
  • Installer codes: 2
  • Input mode: Total, Part 1, Part 2
  • Video surveillance: Yes
  • Timer: 16
  • Switching programs: 16
  • Macro: 10

Hardware technical characteristics

  • Number of wired outputs: 2
  • Number of wired zones: 2 (adjustment NO, NC, single, double. adjustment resistor 1K8)
  • Internal siren: Integrated loudspeaker (2 WATT)
  • Keypad technology: Capsense
  • Display: 16 x 2-character LCD
  • Tamper protection: Integrated toggle switch
  • Slot for SD Card: Yes, Micro-SD (MAX. 32 GB)


  • GSM/GPRS/3G channel: optional 2G or 3G module
  • SIM card: Micro SIM (not included)
  • TCP-IP Ethernet Channel: Integrated
  • WLAN: Integrated
  • "Access Point" function: Yes
  • Programming ports: USB, LAN, WLAN
  • Display protocols: Voice, SMS, Email, CID, SIA, SIAIP, CID IP, SIA SMS, CID SMS, APP
  • Two-way audio: Yes
  • Voice menu: Yes
  • Audio module: Integrated
  • Personalizable audio events: Yes
  • Voice control: Yes

Electrical specifications

  • Power supply: 90÷240Vac 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 7W
  • Number of integrated auxiliary outputs: 1
  • Auxiliary power supply characteristics: 13.8V / 50mA
  • Wired output characteristics: Open collector, 12 V, 100mA
  • Integrated battery: Yes (3.6V, 4250mAh)

General features

  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 150 x 230 x 31
  • Mounting bracket: Surface mount (integrated terminal block),Desktop bracket (optional)
  • Additional bracket for side cable entry: Yes, included
  • Protection class IK: IK06
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +40°C

Simple configuration

The entire Secur HUB range is completely wireless to allow installation without masonry work. Thanks to the integrated installation wizard the system can be installed and configured in minutes without the need for a PC. Perfect for homes and small businesses such as bars and restaurants. The optional tabletop console allows for more flexible positioning.

PRO programming via PC thanks to Secur HUB Manager software. Connection for monitoring, configuration video area/functions, programming specific event reports, customization of audio messages, multi-area management. Designed for houses, buildings in old town centers or buildings without wiring or without wiring possibilities.

The SecureHub can be extended with securHub accessories to a maximum of 32 wireless zones and Radio zones and in general to 96 zones (32 radio + 64 wired) wired). There is the possibility up to 16 WiFi cameras (Art. 1299-WICCAMS01FA) into the system System.

Dimensions & Details

Weight in kg: 2,0
Shipping information: Depending on the order volume, delivery is made by parcel shipment or bulky goods shipment. Partial deliveries are possible for products that can be disassembled (e.g., for floor-standing mailboxes, the stand & box can be shipped separately).

Data sheets & assembly aids

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